Sometimes a bug in an application can be so helpful for us bloggers ;). In case of “Nokia App highlights” it has revealed a list of many unreleased applications for Lumia devices from both Nokia and Microsoft. has been able to quickly download and test these application using some developer’s account. Now, what is interesting here, is that some of these applications certainly look making their way soon to Lumia devices in near future. Have a look at the list of revealed applications from Nokia below. Nokia TV, Nokia News and Views and Nokia Flights Beta are fit candidates of making it to Lumias.

  • Nokia Locate3D
  • Nokia meet
  • Nokia meet (2.0)
  • Nokia Conference
  • Nokia News & views
  • Nokia news alpha
  • Nokia approve demo
  • Nokia TV
  • Nokia flights beta
  • Nokia mobile BI

You can catch video demo by WPArea below,



Thanks Albert from for the Tip. Cheers !!