Major Indian retailer “Univer Cell” has listed Lumia 505 and Lumia 822 in coming soon section on its website. Now, Lumia 505 was expected to make travel to markets like India and China where price sensitivity is really high. But Lumia 822 was not even rumored. So, it seems the CDMA phone may be targeted to big CDMA networks in India like “Reliance” and “BSNL“. After all, Nokia doesn’t have a CDMA smartphone in India which can cater to these networks.

It may be a really good decision to bring Lumia 822 into India, because it may find many takers. Lumia 820 is already outselling Lumia 920 in many stores due to its “bang for bucks” equation. Lumia 505 may also be a favourite with its high 8 MP camera for low-end pricing.