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Rich Capture + Living Images: How to play & edit. Video Demo.

While we have earlier reported about native Photos app supporting Rich Capture editing on Windows 10 Mobile, now it is more enhanced. On recent builds not only you can use Lumia Camera or Windows...

Windows 10 Mobile Maps update allows to save Car location. Two sets of changelogs.

Native Windows 10 Mobile Maps app has received a new update that takes the version of the app to 4.1510.2941.0. One changes is quite noticeable and when you go to favorites you see options...

W10M Mail & Calendar, Office Mobile apps suite updated

Time for many Windows 10 Mobile apps updates!! Mail & Calendar app have been updated to version 17.6308.42272. The new update doesn't bring any noticeable changes however. So we can assume bug foxes and performance...

W10M OneDrive, Xbox, Mail & Calendar & Voice-Recorder updated

Lots of apps have seen updates on Windows 10 Mobile. OneDrive, Xbox, Mail & Calendar and Voice-Recorder have been updated to new versions. As can be seen in the screenshots, OneDrive has updated to version...

W10M Extras+Info update brings “Lumia Windows 10” Firmware name & re-branding

Microsoft has pushed a new update for Extras+info settings app to Lumia devices running Windows 10 Mobile. The update brings lots of visual changes to the Extras+info app. The firmware name in my Lumias changed...

Tidbits: GDR2 for AT&T Lumia 830. Yezz confirms W10M upgrade for its devices.

It seems while AT&T had officially cancelled the Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 update for its Lumia 830, the update is sitting now on Microsoft's servers. As tipped by some of our readers (Thanks everyone...

W10M Messaging, Xbox, Camera & Calculator apps updated. Changelog.

Not only Mail & Calendar and Skype but Xbox, Messaging, Camera & Calculator apps on Windows 10 Mobile have also snagged updates. Xbox Changelog: Real-time Friends list presence. Your Friends list will automatically refresh with your...

Skype on W10M updated with new options & people hub contact syncing

Skype app for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile has seen an update. While there is not much to report in terms of changes on Windows Phone, there are some interesting changes that one...

W10M Mail & Calendar app updated with Dark theme, UI changes & new options

Mail & Calendar app for Windows 10 Mobile has received a major update.The new version is 17.6216.42272.0. There are lots of changes to report including new Dark Theme, more color options, UI changes and...

W10M Build 10547 in internal Fast Ring. LED notifications & Custom Ringtones.

Some more interesting tidbits about Windows 10 Mobile upcoming builds and features from Gabe Aul. It seems W10M Build 10547 is under testing in Internal Fast Ring. It is a 50:50 chance and mostly not...

Solving W10M Build 10536 update error 0x800705b4 & stuck download bug

The Build 10536.1004 installation process has given lots of headache to many Windows Insiders. While we installed it on all our devices, for one of them it took around 3-4 hours and now it...

You can but don’t install W10M Build 10536 on unsupported devices

The Build 10536.1004 installation experience has been perhaps one of the weirdest for Windows 10 Mobile builds. It takes huge amount of time in getting installed (4-5 hours) and now those with unsupported devices...

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