Update error

The Build 10536.1004 installation process has given lots of headache to many Windows Insiders. While we installed it on all our devices, for one of them it took around 3-4 hours and now it seems it worked because we had kept our device plugged. We found one device waiting endlessly at 0% as it was unplugged. We had also tried the WPRT method to roll-back and update to Build 10536.1004 and it took only 1 hour 40 min for us.

One of our readers had asked us about error 0x800705b4 while updating to Build 10536, and it seems that a roll-back to Windows Phone 8.1 and then updating directly to Build 10536.1004 has worked for him. Now Gabe Aul has shared more about this error.

Now coming to the dreaded download stuck issue, where the download gets stuck for hours at some %, we have earlier shared a tip that plugging in your device can help, as sometimes a bug switches on the “Battery Saver mode” while downloading new builds. Gabe Aul has now confirmed this to be a bug with build downloads and has offered similar solutions.