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Microsoft Research paper reveals more about 3D-Touch: Hybrid Touch + Hover interactions

We reported earlier about Microsoft Research video with the full 3D-Touch demo on a Lumia McLaren prototype. Now the research paper is in public too and it offers detail about how Microsoft Research team has been working on enhancing user-interactions with a touch-screen in many ways including Hover and Gesture

Windows 10 Roadmap confirms Continuum for Phones touch & above lock-screen support as coming

We reported about enhanced continuum coming with Windows 10 Redstone and one of the features that it will enable is touch-screen support for Continuum for Phones on connected touch-supported display. Now this feature has been confirmed as "in development" in Windows 10 Roadmap. Not only this Continuum for Phones will

Nokia updates Touch, Network+, Ringtone maker, Care, Treasure Tag with better Windows Phone 8.1 compatibility

Lumia exclusive apps Touch, Network+, Ringtone maker, Care, Treasure Tag have seen updates today. Network+ 2.1 version brings Dual-Sim support and smart dual-Sim features. Though what is specific to this update is not known. Touch brings "navigation bar" in place of "windows keys" in option of disabling vibration. So, seems it has

Nokia working on touch-active Bezels for smartphones and Tablets.

A recent Nokia patent reveals that Lumia smartphone and Tablets may have active Bezels in future. Bezels are top and bottom and surrounding perimeter area in tablets, which house hardware buttons, FFC, sensor and exist for easy handling of these touch display devices in hand without actually touching the active