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The new Sky Drive update did not only bring some new features but also a new name.  What we use to know as Sky Drive is now known as One Drive, I know it is life changing, but we can get through it.  One Drive is bringing a handful of new features in its new version of 3.5.

  • New thumbnail view
  • Improved view of shared files
  • Share multiple items at once
  • Pin folders to your start screen
  • Open your OneDrive files in other apps
  • Bug fixes and performance

If you want to download OneDrive click HERE.

63ca200f-fe16-4884-ab7e-fac7cef4595dWe also saw a very minor update coming from the setting menu today, touch got a new feature.  Some people will not even notice the feature is there, but if you would like to disable the Windows hardware key vibrate when you press home, back, or search, it is now possible. If you want to check for the update for your touch settings click HERE.