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Windows 10 Mobile Build 10537 under testing. Will bring Mobile Hotspot back

Some Windows 10 Mobile preview build tidbits here from none other than Gabe Aul. No builds today, but expect one soon. @Dave_M_Davis I think it is sad that there is no mobile build today. I hope...

Variant code RM-1201 reveals a new Microsoft Lumia under testing

A new Microsoft Lumia has appeared in the list of "unprocessed results". The variant code RM-1201 is the highest product code we have seen for a Lumia yet. Even the Lumia 940 / Lumia...

Fancy a Lumia Qwerty?? One already may be under testing in India.

Have you ever fancied a Lumia qwerty smartphone?? If you have, your wish may perhaps get fulfilled later this year. An entry in Zauba reveals an interesting possibility of a Dual-Sim device with Keypad...

Nokia N1 getting tested in India, reveals Zauba data

It is taking ages for Nokia to release Nokia N1 in other markets than China, in spite of repeated promises. But an entry in Zauba import data gives some hope for its arrival in...

A new Lumia mid-ranger under testing in India, reveal Zauba data

More info comes to light about the upcoming Lumia range!! We had reported about four Lumia devices that can make their way to market comprising of two flagships and two high-end mid-rangers. But it...

Upcoming Lumia Phablet in both Single Sim & Dual-Sim flavors getting tested in India

We had exclusively reported about four upcoming Lumias in one of our earlier articles and also more about upcoming Lumia 840 in another. Two of the devices we mentioned out offour can have a...

Motorola testing a Windows Phone device with 720p display

This doesn't confirm anything about Motorola's plans to actually reveal a new Windows Phone sooner or later. But an entry at Rightware reveals a Motorola Windows Phone "Motorola Solutions TC70xx11". The device is running...

RM-1067, Dual-Sim Lumia 1330 imported to India for testing.

We have earlier reported about Lumia 1330 (May not be the final name) dummies arriving in India and surprisingly it was revealed as RM-1062, the variant with LTE advanced support and in Zauba listing,...

Lumia 435 getting tested in india too, reveals import data

Lumia 435 that we exclusively reported as the next entry-level Lumia will come with many variants. We saw RM-1068, RM-1070, RM-1071, RM-1032, RM-1034 and RM-1068 at FCC. RM-1068 and RM-1032 are Dual-Sim variants, while...

VLC for Windows Phone private Beta coming out today. Beta testers needed

VLC for Windows Phone has now moved one step closer to become reality. The VLC team is now looking for Beta testers and promises first Beta build out later today. If you want to beta-test...

Lumia Denim to roll-out soon following testing & operator approvals, says Lumia Twitter account

Lumia Denim update, which our sources tipped as ready to roll-out for some specific device-region combinations, will roll-out soon following testing & operator approvals, says the Lumia Twitter account. @CreativeColon It will roll out soon...

Update: Foursquare releases its brand new Beta app for testers.

Foursquare has released itsĀ brand new Beta app for the testers. The Beta app brings the brand new UIĀ  and lot of Bug fixes. Facebook login and signup is not currently enabled, you will have to...

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