Lumia 740More info comes to light about the upcoming Lumia range!! We had reported about four Lumia devices that can make their way to market comprising of two flagships and two high-end mid-rangers. But it seems Microsoft has more up its sleeve as we later found RM-1127 with 4.7 inch display in both Dual-Sim and Single Sim variants in Zauba data and it looks like a device targeted to lower mid-range going by the price indicated in the entries.

Now a new device also seems under testing as revealed by Zauba data. The device’s Dual-Sim variants have arrived for testing and the pricing quoted in the entries suggest a mid-ranger that can be priced slightly higher than Lumia 640 XL in range. So it is bit difficult to tell what it will be. It may be Lumia 740 or Lumia 740 XL depending upon the display size that is not known yet.

Thanks Adithya for the tip. Cheers!!