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Nokia teases “Catwalk” on UK TV. Matches well with leaked prototype. Is “variable aperture” lens onboard?

Nokia has started teasing upcoming "Catwalk" which is supposed to be announced  tomorrow in London. The 20 second teaser reveals camera hump with big lens similar to seen on the prototype leaked earlier in China. This hump is not because of big sensor but because the device is supposedly thinner in range of

Vodafone UK will stock “The next chapter in the Lumia story”. Says,”something big, bold and beautiful coming”.

Seems that there is only one "big announcement" taking place on 14th May in London. Vodafone UK has posted on it blog about "something big, bold and beautiful coming" and that they will be stocking the next chapter in the Lumia story. So, it looks like the next chapter or

Updated: RM-910 has 1280×768 resolution while RM-941 has WVGA. “Love Wallpaper HD” stats reveal 3 new Lumias.

Update: We reached to [email protected] to ask about possible resolution of these three revealed Lumia devices. According to him, RM-941 has got WVGA while RM-943 has been seen only once and in a WP7 app so hard to say about resolution, but we guess it may be WVGA only, because it looks to be a variant of RM-941.

T-Mobile bound high-end Lumia (Rumored Aluminium body Catwalk) will have a Global variant as well.

It is certainly getting interesting!! We already know RM-860 which is Verizon bound Lumia 928 with 1280x768 resolution similar to Lumia 920. Now, Adduplex has revealed names of few more variants. And here we can see much rumored T-Mobile bound Aluminium body "Nokia Catwalk" getting tested as RM-893. You will