It is certainly getting interesting!! We already know RM-860 which is Verizon bound Lumia 928 with 1280×768 resolution similar to Lumia 920. Now, Adduplex has revealed names of few more variants. And here we can see much rumored T-Mobile bound Aluminium body “Nokia Catwalk” getting tested as RM-893. You will be happy to know that there exists one more variant of this upcoming device named RM-892 and it is also high-end as it has 1280×768 resolution as well. Adduplex has seen RM-892 in India and now in Finland.

So, it means that this new High-end “Aluminuim” body Lumia will not only come to T-Mobile as RM-893 but will be released globally as RM-892.

Let us see what goodies will it pack over Lumia 920 other than slimmer design and lighter body.