Adduplex’s latest report has revealed two new devices with 1280×768 resolution. One of them RM-875 seems to be the global version of much rumored 41MP sensor wielding Nokia EOS. If you remember RM-877 has been revealed to be the device heading to AT&T and it has similar resolution as well. Now, as we have Lumia 920 variants like RM-820 for AT&T, RM-822 for China and RM-821 as Global so it is very easy to see why both RM-875 and RM-877 are variants of the same high-end device. And as per multiple tips Nokia EOS is certainly the next high-end device coming to AT&T. So, this resolves 5 high-end device variants puzzle as well. It is clear now,

Catwalk coming to T-Mobile as RM-893 but will be released globally as RM-892.

RM-877 is  EOS aka 41 MP PureView Lumia heading to AT&T and RM-875 is the more important global variant.

RM-910 may be the cheaper version of Nokia Catwalk we have heard about.

Rejoice Fans!! We may soon hear about Nokia Catwalk and EOS and first Catwalk and then EOS will make it way to Global market. Start saving now :P.