Nokia has started teasing upcoming “Catwalk” which is supposed to be announced  tomorrow in London. The 20 second teaser reveals camera hump with big lens similar to seen on the prototype leaked earlier in China. This hump is not because of big sensor but because the device is supposedly thinner in range of 8 mm and may be because of larger lens and camera module. Anyways if you remember the camera module on Lumia 920 was one of the reason for its 10.7 mm thickness so for reducing thickness by 2 mm may cause the lens to protrude.


Either way, Catwalk will have OIS and pureview branding but will miss Xenon Flash in favour of dual LED flash as seen on the prototype and in the teaser video. That’ what makes us think how will Nokia differentiate the camera on Catwalk from that on Lumia 920. So, is variable aperture lens onboard. The big lens seen on the prototype and in teaser may be due to the wider adjustable aperture!!

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Watch the teaser video below or click here,