It is confirmed now that Nokia is planning to bring a new high-end device to AT&T as well. Ailon@Adduplex has teased once again saying,

Final tease for @AdDuplex stats report: we’ve spotted something called Nokia RM-877_nam_att_205 on AT&T in US with 1280×768 screen.

It is not that difficult to relate that this RM-877 is none other than much rumored EOS aka 41 MP PureView Lumia device heading to AT&T. Check our coverage for the Nokia EOS for AT&T below.




So, it all makes complete sense now. Lumia 928 for Verizon is pretty much known now. T-Mobile bound Catwalk, RM-893 with Aluminium body will have a variant RM-892, the next Global flagship like Lumia 920!! With this Nokia’s goal of bringing flagship to all three US carriers will be fulfilled too.


Apart from that Nokia will bring EOS with 41MP camera as specialist camera smartphone device at AT&T. It may see a global release as well!!