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Official video: Seakaypes – Shot with the Lumia 930 – Red Bull Photography

The video shot with the Lumia 930 features some awesome looking images of sea kayakers captured by Red Bull Photographer Michael Clark using a Lumia 930. We know, you would certainly like to watch...

Lumia 830 vs Lumia 925 daylight & low-light video capture shootout (Side by side)

  This is the third and last part of the camera comparison between Lumia 830 and Lumia 925. In this shootout article, we will compare video capture prowess of both OIS equipped cameras. While, we...

Lumia 830 vs Lumia 925: Low Light camera (stills) comparison

Yesterday, we brought to you the first part of much-asked for Lumia 830 vs Lumia 925 camera comparison. We saw how convincingly Lumia 830 emerges as the winner in daylight imaging comparison. In the second...

On popular demand: Lumia 830 vs Lumia 925 daylight camera (stills) comparison

Many of you wanted us to do a comparison between Lumia 830 and Lumia 925 / Lumia 920 cameras. Knowing that Lumia 925 has a slightly better camera than Lumia 920, we planned to...

Lumia 830 hands-on preview (First impressions review)

Lumia 830 Preview: Premium and slimmest Lumia design with 10 MP PureView camera!! The ISP LCD display is simply gorgeous, has great sunlight legibility and is very bright with excellent viewing angles. You would like...

Lumia 830 low-light imaging & video samples. OIS & low-light capture without flash tested

Lumia 830 has been marketed as the affordable Lumia flagship, that brings famed "PureView" imaging quality to masses. It packs OIS and most advanced low-light imaging algorithms to provide unparalleled results. So, what better...

Official Lumia 830 PureView & Lumia 730 Selfie / rear camera imaging samples

Lumia 830 with a 10 MP PureView camera and Lumia 730 /  Lumia 735 with a 5 MP wide-angled selfie and 6.7 MP rear camera have been unveiled by Microsoft Mobile at IFA on...

Jo Harlow hints Lumia 1020 successor with Array Camera still in works

Back In May 2013, then Nokia's executive vice president for smartphone business, Jo Harlow had almost confirmed in an interview that adoption of earlier reported 16-lens Array Camera technology from Pelican Imaging  in future Lumia smartphones was...

Lumia 830’s PureView camera comes with RAW (DNG) support

Juha, the man behind many PureView imaging advancements has revealed that Lumia 830's PureView camera comes with RAW (DNG) support, a trademark feature of PureView Lumia smartphones starting with Lumia 1020. Now, with a small...

New rumor claims 10 MP PureView camera for Lumia 830

Lumia 830's rear camera sensor size has not been confirmed yet and we have heard conflicting claims from many. So, till now it has been pegged at 13 MP / 20 MP depending upon...

Official Lumia 1020 time-lapse video: Comet “lands” in NY

Nokia's official YouTube channel has posted time-lapse video of a "Comet Installation" shot on Lumia 1020. The comet installation was created by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and StudioKCA for World science festival. The amazing camera...

Awesomely creative photography with a Lumia 930: Red Bull Photography – Two Different Worlds!!

This is highly creative and this has been done with a smartphone, yes, with a Lumia 930. A new official video takes you to the creative world of "RED BULL PHOTOGRAPHY - Two Different...

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