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On popular demand: Lumia 830 vs Lumia 925 daylight camera (stills) comparison

Many of you wanted us to do a comparison between Lumia 830 and Lumia 925 / Lumia 920 cameras. Knowing that Lumia 925 has a slightly better camera than Lumia 920, we planned to do a Lumia 830 vs Lumia 925 comparison.

We will cover the full comparison in three articles for daylight stills, low-light and video capture comparison separately.

So, in the current article, we will see how the two cameras compare to each other when it comes to daylight imaging. Frankly speaking, Lumia 830 camera is simply better than Lumia 925’s camera when it comes resolving details. In fact, we didn’t need to go to 200% crop level as the difference is pretty clear even at 100% crop levels. In all the sets Lumia 925 crop is on top followed by Lumia 830 crop at the bottom.

Lumia 925 vs Lumia 830.1 Lumia 925 vs Lumia 830.2 Lumia 925 vs Lumia 830You can easily notice, how much more detailed and sharper Lumia 830 images are as compared to Lumia 925 images. Given Lumia 830’s small sensor-size, the PureView team has certainly succeeded in surprising us.

Catch full-size images (used in comparison and otherwise) here.

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  • Slm
    How is this possible? 1/3″ vs 1/3,4″? The Software optimisation must be the reason (Lumia Denim?) The L925 actually should clearly have better results. But I’m excited to see low-light and Video comparison.

    • Kamal

      Yup, it’s indeed surprising, but kudos to Juha and team :). And, I am just excited to see the kind of results Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930 can come up with, once Denim hits them.

      • are you sure that you have focused on the same point with both mobiles? The first picture of the L925 is very blury

        • Kamal

          There is some reason, for which we have provided with full-size images used in the comparison.

  • Benny J