Lumia 830 has been marketed as the affordable Lumia flagship, that brings famed “PureView” imaging quality to masses. It packs OIS and most advanced low-light imaging algorithms to provide unparalleled results. So, what better way to test it than use it in night and capture some images without flash and also record some videos. We exactly did the same and here are some images and videos captured in night!!

This is bit surprising, but it seems Lumia 830 camera behaves much differently in terms of light gathering while taking stills and video. While taking stills it focuses on gathering lots of light but while capturing video it focuses on smoothness sacrificing luminance. But, I must admit, low-light capture is awesome and OIS works perfectly.

Imaging samples:

Click here for full-size samples.

WP_20141002_20_15_53_Pro WP_20141002_20_16_05_Pro WP_20141002_22_13_02_Pro WP_20141002_22_13_35_ProVideo samples: