Lumia 930-Lumia 830Lumia 830‘s rear camera sensor size has not been confirmed yet and we have heard conflicting claims from many. So, till now it has been pegged at 13 MP / 20 MP depending upon the rumors, though we have more inclination towards 13 MP keeping many factors in mind. But, we won’t pretend and we haven’t been able to confirm the camera sensor size with our sources.

Anyways, while the event and webcast is less than 2 days away, a new rumor from Chinese blog WPDang claims 10 MP sensor size for the rear camera of Lumia 830. Now, this may be possible as nothing is known for sure, but still I tend to choose the 13 MP as the most probable candidate out of these three rumored sensor sizes ( 10 /  13 / 20 MP).

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