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Nokia and Vodafone partner to research on 5G technologies

Nokia has been one of leading companies to pursue 5G, the next Networking standard aggressively and has pioneered the effort . Its business arm Nokia Networks has now entered into collaboration with Vodafone on 5G technologies. 5G will be the next generation of mobile technology, which the International Telecoms Union expects

HERE official maps partner for “Wings for Life world run”

HERE team has just announced on 360 Blog that HERE is the official mapping partners for "Wings for life world run". Read more about this race below, which aims to fund research into curing spinal cord injury It’s a unique, global event whereby runners in 35 locations, across 33 countries and

Big Win: NSN chosen by China Telecom as major LTE rollout partner.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] It can be certainly termed as big LTE breakthrough for NSN in China. China's 3rd largest network operator China Telecom has chosen NSN as major LTE roll-out partner. Nokia has announced this win in a press release today, Nokia Solutions and Networks has won  an LTE* contract with China Telecommunications

Nokia and China Mobile partnering to boost WP app eco-system in China. Launch a development contest.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] It seems Nokia and China Mobile are not just partnering at product level, but taking it further with China Mobile even partnering Nokia in growth of WP app eco-system. Nokia and China Mobile have jointly launched a application development contest in China. It aims to recruit over 1,000 applications

Windows Phone head: No need for a Surface Phone. Nokia a great partner. Aims 200 million phones sales.

During AllThingsDigital's "Dive Into Mobile" conference today, corporate vice president of the Windows Phone Division, Terry Myerson has let some very interesting and quite important tidbits out. In a very important and soothing message for Nokia, Terry Myerson has made it clear that, Microsoft sees no need to consider a foray into phone hardware business. It would have to be