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It can be certainly termed as big LTE breakthrough for NSN in China. China’s 3rd largest network operator China Telecom has chosen NSN as major LTE roll-out partner. Nokia has announced this win in a press release today,

Nokia Solutions and Networks has won  an LTE* contract with China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom), a major wireless broadband operator in China.  The operator has selected NSN as major partner for its nationwide LTE rollout. This contract with China Telecom,  a new customer for NSN’s mobile broadband business, marks yet another successful LTE breakthrough for the infrastructure supplier.

China has just awarded TD-LTE licenses to its three major operators China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Great news is that NSN is partnering with two of them (NSN won largest foreign vendor share of China Mobile TD-LTE contracts) already after this win.

Source: NSN

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