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Surface Phone Leaks & Rumors roundup: All that we know yet


On this page we have done a round-up of all the Microsoft Surface Phone leaks, rumors, concepts posted yet. Some of these leaks have been our exclusives. Some of the concepts posted by many talented designers are mind-blowing too. You can read our full Surface Phone coverage by clicking here.

Surface Phone leaked / rumored Specs & Features:

We told you exclusively that Surface Phone may be powered by Snapdragon 835. Here is what is the latest info from our sources about Surface Phone prototypes under testing.

  • The protos that we have information about run Snapdragon 835 and support Quick charging 4.0
  • Windows 10 Mobile architecture on them is already 64-Bit and one of them has 6 GB RAM
  • What is most interesting is the information that the one proto with 6 GB RAM can already run X86 apps in Continuum. We have heard a lot about Microsoft working on X86-on-ARM64 emulation and this may be one of the implementations. Sources however tell us that Protos can’t run X86 apps by themselves yet, but can install them. Once connected via Continuum you can run any X86 apps.
  • The earlier reported Laptop Accessory is still a thing and we hear Microsoft is seriously purusing the 3-in-1 form factor.
  • One of the Protos is said to have 4 GB RAM and still runs Snapdragon 835. It does have 64-Bit Windows 10 Mobile version but can’t run X86 apps in Continuum. That may be just a version thing or Microsoft may be planing one consumer and one enterprise-oriented Surface Phone variant.
  • Display-size wise we hear both are said to have a 5.5-inch, QHD display, but this is just a guess having a look at the display and not actual measurement.

Rumors from other sources:

A new report has emerged from China claiming Pegatron as the ODM of choice for production of Surface Phone by Microsoft. The ODM is ready to begin trial production of Surface Phone, it says.

More rumors emerged on Weibo and they claim three Surface Phone variants with different RAM / Internal Storage configurations and also confirm a Snapdragon 830 processor.

  • Three variants: 3GB RAM / 32GB storage, 6GB RAM / 128GB storage, 8GB RAM /500GB storage
  • Snapdragon 830
  • Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 3
  • Laptop Accessory

So, we will have Surface Phone variants at three different price points though none of them will be aimed at Budget end of Smartphone market as per these rumors.

Surface Phone Concepts:

The Surface Phone concept shown in image above is quite interesting too and it imagines a Surface Phone which can replace your Tablet and PC too. There will a cover / stand that will support the Surface Phone’s use as a productivity device. The concept shown in image above has a 5.7 inch, 2K display. It runs on Snapdragon 830, will sport a 20MP Rear camera.

 There are more interesting Surface Phone concepts that you can read by clicking here.

Surface Phone Release Date:

Our sources have confirmed that Surface Phone launch is delayed now to late 2017. It will now come running Windows 10 Mobile focused Redstone 3 out of the box.

Surface Phone Price:

While it will known only near the launch of Surface Phone somewhere in late 2017, it is clear that Microsoft will launch a premium product in form of Surface Phone. So expect a premium pricing.

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