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Why Microsoft has pushed Surface Phone launch to (Aug-Sep 2017)?

Some reports are doing rounds suggesting Microsoft may delay and in fact not even release a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone of its own in future. So, in a nutshell it suggests that the “Surface Phone” dream may be in danger. So, we tried to reach to our sources with knowledge of Microsoft’s Mobile plans.

What we hear is the Surface Phone (and variants) is well under active development and Microsoft is looking to launch it as the “ideal” Windows 10 Mobile premium smartphone, just like it did with Surface Pro and Surface Book 2-in-1 devices. However, Microsoft may be planning to launch it now with Redstone 3 update cycle which should ideally commence in August – September 2017.

One of the key reasons behind this change of plans is touted to be the Redstone 3 being relatively much bigger update than Redstone 2. For Redstone 3 development cycle Windows team is prioritizing Mobile as Windows 10 development target. Sort of good news – bad news mix!!

Secondly, Snapdragon 830 is still under testing and it may not be ready in time for the Redstone 2 update release. It was one of the apprehensions. Microsoft hardware team doesn’t want to take chances, we hear.

Microsoft is keeping the cards very close to its heart in order to stop leak of any confidential information about the Surface Phone.

We told you exclusively that Surface Phone may be powered by Snapdragon 830 and later leaks / rumors originating in China not only talk about three Surface Phone variants, their RAM / Internal Storage configurations but also confirm Snapdragon 830 as the processor.

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  • Ghulam Hussain Zardari

    Is this real phone?

  • wesoly

    What the difference between Lumia 950xl nad new phone on sd 830?….. none… this move change nothing will worsen because people will see the same thing just a different name.

  • I think it is best to ensure that there is little room for error. I notice the latest Microsoft mantra is premium power. Power of the surface pro is what really differentiates it from the other tablets using an Intel Skylake cpu. Then you have the Xbox Scorpio which is another future power machine which has tongues wagging. I think that Microsoft would love to squeeze in a very high spec power envelope for their next smartphone offering. It is why Microsoft’s close relationship with Intel which has oodles of power but busy at the moment in reining in efficiency that gives it that scope. I do seriously think if they can tame this power into a smartphone it will absolutely differentiate it and give the developers the headroom to do something with it. The compatible architecture to their existing programs won’t hurt it either. It is that very ability for legacy programs to take to newer devices that is going to be important for the buyers. This would need something like Windows 10 rather than a Windows 7 mobile which left everyone stranded when moving to a new hardware device. I think that a device which promises continuity would make the software service more valuable is what I would like for Microsoft to get right.

  • Julio Canizales

    Here we go again, MS delaying things, maybe RS 3 will be delayed to March/April 2018.

  • deef

    Made up my mind already. 950XL will be my last Windows phone ever. I had a Lumia 900-1520-950XL and a Lumia 2520 tablet. All end of life within a year. With the latest news 12-2016 will be the end for Lumia i give up. iPhone here i come. Good luck all.

    • necromancer

      best of luck to you.. But isn’t that 950 Xl a pretty phone? The camera takes better pics and the screen far outshines the iPhone that my friends have.. Too bad the brand is dying

  • Victor_D

    So they are probably waiting for all Windows Phone (as opposed to Windows 10 Mobile) users to just go away (to Android) and looking to start afresh. This is either a bold masterstroke that will restart MSFT’s mobile efforts, or it will be the final nail in its coffin. Right know, I think the odds are 90-10 for the latter, but I am always prepared to be positively surprised.
    The good news is I do not have to regret buying Lumia 950 as it will remain the only viable W10M “flagship” for at least another year.

    • Kamal

      To me it is a “restart” strategy. Microsoft’s confidence (or over-confidence) comes from recent success of its Surface Tabs.

    • cybersaurusrex

      What advantage is there to losing their current fan base to other platforms before launching the Surface Phone? This is utter incompetence on the part of Satya Nadella. He simply doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  • Such a pity they couldn’t have the Redstone OS and phone ready now. Would be the perfect timing with the Samsung Note 7 issues of catching fire, along with the iPhone 7 removing head phone jack and being a ho-hum update in most respects.

    • Kamal

      I agree. Pity that they cancelled RM-1162.