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Rumor: Images of Nokia 8 with Iris scanner & Bezel-less design leak in marketing material

If a rumor originating in China has to be taken into account then HMD will call upcoming flagship as Nokia 8 and not Nokia 9. Images of Nokia 8 have been leaked in what looks like marketing material in China. The text in Chinese refers to Nokia 8 and the design shown in images is bezel-less, but camera position is different from the two bezel-less sketches sent to us in a tip.

The design shown in images also doesn’t look anything like what we have seen earlier in various leaks.

Though if this is the real deal, Iris scanner seems to be confirmed. This is in sync with an anonymous tip we received about flagship Nokia 9 that talked about Iris scanner and other major specs. USB-C is also present in the images leaked in the brochure.

If it is really the phone that has passed certifications in various places, then provided below are the major specs. Many Nokia 8/9 variants TA-1004, TA-1012, TA-1052 have leaked via certifications and benchmarks already. These leaks have revealed more details about specs and features of Nokia 9.

Nokia 8 (9) Major Specs & features (leaked):

  • Dual-SIM support
  • 151.55 mm x 73.7 mm
  • 5.3-inch, QHD resolution display
  • Snapdraon 835
  • 4GB / 6GB RAM
  • 64 GB ROM
  • 13 MP Dual-Lens Rear Camera
  • 13 MP Front camera
  • IP68 Water / Dust resistant
  • MicroSD card support
  • Iris Scanner
  • Fingerprint Scanner

Nokia 8 Launch Date & Pricing:

As per a tip received by us earlier, Nokia 8/9 may be price around EUR 749 in European markets. In case of US this price may be around USD 699. The tip also mentions that in case of India, pricing may be sweeter around Rs 44999.

Nokia 8/9 may be launched in July and sources hint at a sooner release.

Source: CNMO

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  • onlyrgu

    13Mp dual camera?
    Nokia N8 from 2010 had 12 MP camera!!

    • sebbes


  • vinuonline

    i am pretty sure that the Nokia flagship android phone will be called as Nokia8 to get in sync with iPhone8 and Galaxy8

  • vinuonline

    Oh man i am so pumped. If this is real, i will change my plan from Buying iPhone8.

  • markus_wes

    Hm, the Lumia 950 is 145 x 73.2mm with 5.2″ and pretty big bezels. This thing shall be 151.55 x 73.7 mm with 5.3″ and nearly no bezels? Don’t think so…

  • iia3ezu

    Can’t wait for a comprehensive review of the phone when it’s released.

    Most important three things about a smartphone: battery life, camera performance and frequency/quality of Android updates. Everything else is negotiable. Most other vendors have screwed up one or more of the above three things. That’s why they can’t surpass Samsung, despite its flaws.

  • DBS

    This is fake as Hell. Not only there’s the overly clear Nokia logo on the front (which Nokia never does) but it’s also at the bottom, where Nokia never puts it. Nokia logos have gone in the top right corner for years, no reason to change it now.

    Then there’s the design and camera placement…I’d sooner believe this to be one of the new Xperia flagships that will be announced at IFA than a Nokia.
    The design is that of the Xperia XZ and the camera placement is also following the placement and patern of the camera on the XZ , but just elongated.

  • 777sasha3331

    What your source says about this photos?

  • McHale72

    Wow, that looks a lot like the Lumia 920. If this thing has wireless charging, I’m in.

  • Abhimanyu Chauhan

    I don’t think it is real.if this is real device than there is no need to look at other devices

  • mehmet

    two things
    that Nokia logo they never putting their logo on below the screen
    and camera lens it’s not nokias style; they always putting it in the middle of back surface

  • Stinger

    Looks like an updated Nokia N9. Very nice design. Would be cool if it was real.

  • Tejas Hash

    Where is the Fingerprint Scanner?

  • Jason

    Its fake. The Nokia logo cant be written in that ugly way. Nokia has got the logo very discrete on 3,5,6. Also the font is diff than on 3,5,6

    • Everson

      Very weird indeed, to say the least. But except for this detail, it would be a very nice device, albeit it’s probably (and unfornately) fake.

      • Tejas Hash

        its Fake?

      • Jason

        Actually dont think so. The design is also fake. Not going in tandem with the design language of 3,5,6. Its too thick and those lines on the sides at the back of the phone dont go with the minimalist design they are aiking at on 3,5,6. As thry arr going higher up tge series the design is becoming minimalist. Its too thick also in design. Definite fake.

  • Everson

    Frankly, it’s too good to be true. Would be amazing from them to launch an good looking phone like this. Much, much better than the bland designs that surfaced until now.

  • MrGetBackUp7

    I am so excited!!!! Can’t wait to see the Nokia 9! Nokia (HMD) will not disappoint!