BmEDAYVCYAAOx8sI can understand excitement of many over the comments made by earlier Nokia official Twiiter account that Microsoft may be able to use Nokia brand for some time. They however don’t specify till what time this licensing is valid.

So, just to refresh memories, as per the original deal terms, Microsoft has licensed Nokia brand only for use with Nokia Mobile phones and has acquired Lumia and Asha brands without Nokia branding. So, while Microsoft may be able to use Nokia name for already announced Lumia and Asha devices, there is no way that the original deal terms support new Nokia Lumia and Nokia Asha devices launch post deal-closure.

The press statements by Nokia and Microsoft also don’t talk about change in deal terms regarding licensing of Nokia brand. On the contrary Microsoft press release talks about Lumia smartphone and Nokia mobile phones separately.

Reporting to Nadella is former Nokia President and CEO Stephen Elop, who will serve as executive vice president of the Microsoft Devices Group, overseeing an expanded devices business that includes Lumia smartphones and tablets, Nokia mobile phones, Xbox hardware, Surface, Perceptive Pixel (PPI) products, and accessories

There is however one possibility. Similar to the adjustment made in regards to the management of online assets, where, Microsoft will manage the domain and social media sites for  up to a year, there may be an understanding of using Nokia brand for up to one year by Microsoft. However, that should have been reflected in press releases and that makes it again doubtful.