Lumia-535-with-coverWhile Lumia 530 is an impressive no-frills entry-level Lumia, it has to shed many unique and even essential features to justify the cheapest Lumia price, it commands. It even became the first Windows Phone 8 Lumia to have a fixed-focus camera.

But what Microsoft has done with Lumia 535 can be called as “stepping up the low-end game“.

Not only it packs much bigger display with 960 x 540 resolution, it has much more to offer than Lumia 530 for a price difference of EUR 11 (EUR 99 vs EUR 110). Have a look at what killer features it packs over Lumia 530 and even Lumia 630 for that reason.

5 MP autofocus camera with flash


5 MP wide-angled Selfie camera

Double tap to wake-up (Wow, missed it so much!)

In fact, with later three, Lumia 535 looks like a serious threat to similarly priced Androids too, something like what Lumia 520 was in its heydays. Microsoft has a winner on its hands, and we can’t wait to try it out!!

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