watchWe just reported how HERE’s embedded navigation system for BMW i3 is getting some attention even before the official unveil at CES 2015. Nokia has now taken the wraps off the in-car navigation system it has developed for BMW. HERE and BMW have collaborated for one year to give the location capabilities of BMW’s “Intelligent Drive” final shape.

Result is a smart navigation system that automatically searches and displays results with prices for gas station, when you car reaches the tank level you usually refill. You also get smart parking recommendations and can enjoy safer driving with alerts.

What we’re developing together with BMW will allow your car to learn the tank level at which you usually refill and automatically search for gas stations when you get to that point.

All the results will be relevant because they’re on your way, and prioritize your preferred gas station chain, so you don’t have to drive back or go too far off-route. You’ll even be able to see the prices at different stations in advance.

You’ll be able to get smart parking recommendations, share your destination and ETA and get safety alerts for hazards, speed restrictions and traffic.

What is also very interesting is the fact that Nokia has developed BMW’s companion apps for iOS and Android and is developing apps for TV, Smartwatch and other mobile devices. With these companion apps you can effortlessly sync routes and destination with BMW’s navigation system.

With the BMW-specific app we’ve created for iOS and Android, you can plan your route before entering the car. You can also get pedestrian navigation from where you park to your real destination. And when you’re ready to get back in your BMW, you can use augmented reality to find it again.

And it’s not just about smartphones, either. Integrating BMWs into modern city infrastructure requires a location cloud that connects all of your devices, wherever you are. That’s why we’re also developing applications for BMW on TV, smartwatches and other mobile devices.

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