OZO oceanNokia job openings reveal quite interesting insights about what they are planning to do in future. We saw Nokia Technologies revealing a very interesting and unique product of its own kind, the Nokia OZO. Nokia OZO marked the introduction of a new Nokia business “DIgital Media”. Now, if latest VR related job openings are any indication, Nokia is not content with just one product but is planning to launch end to end “VR product portfolio“. As revealed in one of the job openings,

Technology marketing of Nokia’s VR format and preferred end-to-end technologies.

Responsible for creation of product and market requirements for the end-to-end VR product portfolio. Participates in the technology strategy and product planning for the unit

New products and some new user experiences are being worked on too. VR Live streaming is in prototyping phase. Read some tidbits from another job opening.

  • Application prototyping of Nokia preferred VR end-to-end technologies
  • Prototyping of new VR user experiences, especially live streaming

So, what do you think about new Nokia innovations taking shape?