UntitledKantar Wordpanel has sought to share some interest insights and trends into Nokia, Windows Phone and Lumia sales in a series of tweets, yesterday. It seems Nokia brand still enjoys love of lots of Chinese customers. T-Mobile has 45% Windows Phone sales share in Q4. BlackBerry users are switching to Windows Phone in UK. Read on,

Nokia remains the top mobile preference for 57 million Chinese consumers, whilst 123 million at least consider them.

But in the USA, Nokia remains the top mobile preference for just 9 million Americans, whilst 39 million consider them

Nokia’s relative success in the low-mid range shows in the sales share across US carrier where in 4Q13, 45% was done at T-Mobile. 68% of Nokia Lumia USA handset sales in Q4 were 520/521

In the UK, while the great majority of “switchers” 2 Windows Phone come fromĀ  feature phones (36%), we have seen a growth in Blackberry user switching to Windows Phone.