BiUcVXeCYAAmOv6Nokia has good presence at SXSW and Peter Skillman (whom you may know as the man behind design and Swipe UI of Nokia N9) has delivered keynote on connected cars there. As expected, this keynote talks about taking the in-car experience to the next level and with Peter Skillman at the helm, we can certainly expect some elegantly designed offerings.

Nokia notes that the car experience is at the verge of disruption. The intersection of love, design and location may enable connected cars or the self-driving cars in future.

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BiUbbLdCUAA9deU.jpg largeThe above slide reveals one less-known term “LBS ecosystem”, though we have mentioned it somewhere else if you remember. Nokia smart watch tip talked about LBS as well. Now, this LBS should mean location-based services and then LBS eco-system may mean a central place for apps and integrated services. So, are we going to see a LBS app store as well? This looks like a strong possibility because Nokia may like to add more services to the “navigation solution” in future.

A slide from Nokia presentation also talks about “love” as what one feels, when one plays “Angry Birds”. One more hint about the eco-system. Connected gaming?

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