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Nokia listens to us – but what about 2014?

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As an enthousiastic Windows Phone fan I always try to make the platform better. At my last holiday I noticed that the Here Drive experienced still had some practicle flaws. So I mailed a contact at Nokia with some possible improvements. And I am 100% sure they arrived at the right desk. After 10 weeks … one of the ideas (the route overview) was actually incorporated in the new Here Drive 3.0. This actually feels like a little miracle as big companies mostly behave like impregnable castles but Nokia is not like that, not at all. I shared at lot of cool more ideas that I hope will be incorporated soon…. And I guess we all want the obvious Drive integration with the default OS apps like People, Calendar, Social Media and Mail.Listen to the people

As I have the same experience with Microsoft (really, I am not kidding!) my disappointment was great to see they are not keeping up the Windows Phone UserVoice very well. A small example you can see here as this feature was long delivered in GDR3.

Come one @windowsphone team… you can do better than this! Learn from My Starbucks Idea, use the power of the cloud and let 2014 become a year we can be proud of 🙂


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Roger Hendriks
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