HERE Maps demoWhile Nokia management boasted of strong HERE Q2 results during its Earnings call with investors, it did not revealing anything about its fate in wake of ongoing “strategical review“. While there have been many rumors about the Consortium of German Car-makers about to snatch HERE, it has not materialized yet. But now a confirmation comes from the man himself. Nokia CEO Suri has confirmed that negotiations have reached a relatively advanced stage.

Suri declined to comment on the report.

“The negotiations are at a relatively advanced stages. All agreements include various details that will be mulled over until the very last minute. That is nothing out of the ordinary, but I cannot go into details,” he said.


This is bit sad for Nokia fans to see HERE going away, especially at a time, when Nokia is venturing into new Business areas like Digital Media & Digital Health. HERE could prove to be a great asset for the connected future Nokia is dreaming of. And the latest quarter results show that it is a self-sustaining and rather profitable business. The car-makers are trying to lap-up HERE to make sure that they get best location solution for self-driving / connected future cars. Not sure why Nokia don’t want to have a say there??