Nokia updates HERE Maps data for Windows Phone, Android, iOS & others

Nokia has pushed an update for its HERE Maps data for all of its apps including Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Nokia claims millions of updates in the map data across the world and lists some major noteworthy updates. Have a look at the...

HERE Android updated with Intel processors support. updated with more waypoints, Hotel booking and more

HERE Android app and both have received updates. HERE Android update adds Vietnamese language support and can now be installed on smartphones with Intel processors (X86). HERE Android changelog: - Added support for Vietnamese language - Can now be installed on smartphones with Intel processors Install link

Uber & Baidu now bid jointly for HERE as bid value soars. Microsoft interested in minority stake

It seems that with bidding value for HERE soaring and touching $4 Billion now, Uber has decided to join Baidu for a joint bidding, a report from Bloomberg claims. Uber had earlier offered $3 Billion for an out and out deal that now seems...

Uber joins bidding war for HERE with a $3 Billion offer

  After German Car Makers BMW, Audi and Daimler along with Chinese giant Baidu launching a formal bid to acquire majority share in HERE, it is time for Uber to join the bidding war. Uber has reportedly offered a quite modest $3 Billion sum for...

Nokia can sell HERE in part or full, as German car makers with Baidu plan formal bid to acquire majority stake in HERE

It will be really interesting to see what happens of HERE in coming weeks. Nokia has reiterated at its AGM that they are in no hurry to sell HERE and can sell it in part of full or even not sell the business. – Evaluation...

German Carmakers pressurizing Nokia against selling HERE to Facebook, Uber or other Firms

  We reported about a host of big corporates including Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Uber, BMW & Daimler interested in Nokia’s HERE business. It seems there is a section of potential buyers that is putting pressure on Nokia against selling HERE to US-based firms like Facebook,...

Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Uber, BMW & Daimler interested in Nokia’s HERE business

Update: The list of suitors for HERE grows with a report from Bloomberg claiming that Nokia is also trying to get Apple, Amazon and Alibaba interested in the deal. The report claims that the first round of bids will take place at the end of...

Nokia may sell its HERE business. Hires Financial adviser, says report.

Nokia may sell its HERE business and is actively exploring this option. While we already have some reports talking about this in last few days, now we can also confirm via our sources that "this is indeed happening". We have also come to understand...

HERE Maps, Drive+, Transit & City Lens updated in Windows Phone store

HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit, HERE City Lens all have seen updates in the Windows Phone store. The update brings fixes for HERE account sing-in issues, Favorites synchronization and other bug fixes. Changelog: What's New - HERE account sign-in issues fixed - Favorites and Collections synchronization fixed -...

Jaguar Land Rover chooses HERE Auto platform for Jaguar XF’s InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System

  HERE has inked a big deal with Jaguar Land Rover!! Jaguar Land Rover has announced its brand-new Jaguar XF, its first car to feature InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System. This InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System is built on the innovative and customizable HERE Auto...

HERE MapCare brings Maps updates to cars too.

Nokia claims "HERE is everywhere" and perhaps it is right in claiming so, being the only Mapping company with a presence across smartphones, cars, smart watches, smart glasses, enterprise apps and even in supporting other Maps. So, if you already use the HERE apps...

Here Android app updated with Turn-by-turn guidance for more markets & improvements

Good news for those using HERE Android app especially if you live in Algeria, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, and Mayotte !! The app that has crossed 4 million downloads on Google Play Store recently has received an update that brings Turn-by-turn guidance for Algeria, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, and Mayotte....

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