Nokia & AMBER formulate Battery with 2.5 times more life but same volume as current super-slim batteries

Nokia Bell Labs and AMBER, the SFI Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research hosted at Trinity College Dublin have partnered to create a new Battery formula that lasts 2.5 times more than the currently existing super-slim batteries of the same volume. Targetting the 5G...

Nokia Bell Labs to lead 5G Project WIVE to increase the business value for many Industries

Nokia has announced that its research arm Nokia Bell Labs will lead a collaboration project called WIVE (WIreless for VErticals). This project will focus 5G to increase the business value of many new industries like automated transport, smart grids, massive machine connectivity and media...

Nokia Bell Labs & Jasna Rok partner to Design Innovative Sentient Wearables

Nokia Bell Labs has entered into partnership with Jasna Rokegem, a Belgian FashionTech designer to work on creation of Sentient wearables. This sentient garment or wearable would be worn as second skin. This wearable skin will come with haptic and tactile feedback and will...

Beatie Wolfe & Nokia Bell Labs to live stream 360 AR version of Album “Raw Space”

Artist Beatie Wolfe has teamed up with Nokia Bell Labs to bring live 360 AR streaming of her Album Raw Space. She will be playing a version of her Album Raw Space in Nokia Bell Labs anechoic chamber. Design IO will provide augmented reality...

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