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Millions of Nokia Android phones already active, shows Installation no. of Nokia Mobile support app

HMD CMO Pekka Rantala candidly revealed in an interview some days ago, that HMD already sold millions of Nokia Android smartphones. Now, while HMD has never agreed to reveal the hard data of how many it sold till now and may not do so in long run we may have an evidence to support this.

Installation number of Nokia Mobile Support app has risen to over 1 Million and less than 5 Million as indicated by Google Play Store stats. This is significant as when we checked and compared this data for apps from other manufacturers to the expected number of devices in the market, it seems we can multiply this installation number to get actual sales numbers.

We don’t really want to use any multiplication factor for Nokia Android smartphones as of now because it is too crude a method. But this certainly confirms that over a million Nokia Android smartphones are active in the market and this doesn’t include Nokia 6 from markets like China where Play Store is not officially accessible.

Check the Nokia Mobile support app installation numbers by clicking here.

Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 have seen very good initial traction in many major markets like India, UK, other Asian and European markets. Nokia 3 has been confirmed to get very good early sales traction with sell-outs in many markets. Similarly, Nokia 6 scored 1 million registrations in India before selling out within seconds in two flash sales consecutively.

The reviews of new Nokia Android Phones have been mostly positive and HMD has been very prompt with software updates. For tracking Nokia Android Phones sales performance you can bookmark our Sales report page.


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  • JLIT99

    I think it’s been proven by now that Elop the flop was completely wrong in his strategy.

    • mark

      To be fair they were selling millions of Windows Phones too – things went downhill when MS bought them out, and stopped all advertising and barely bought out any interesting new devices.

      • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

        They did. This figure however is reached by a startup company, who established their organisation only this year and have had products out only for a half a year. In addition, the differentiating factor they can now offer is a lot less, what Nokia would have had in the past. Not to mention the whole sales and marketin machine they had. Lets sew the full year volumes. That is definitely an intefesting measure.

      • JLIT99

        True, but a lot of people had purchased Lumias like me but were disappointed and later went back to Android.