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HMD: Millions of Nokia Android smartphones sold already

Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 have now reached to most of the markets that really matter in HMD’s scheme of things. What is heartening though is the way in which these smartphones have been received by fans, normal buyers, critics, and reviewers.

Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 have seen very good initial traction in many major markets like India, UK, other Asian and European markets. Nokia 3 has been confirmed to get very good early sales traction with sell-outs in many markets. Similarly, Nokia 6 scored 1 million registrations in India before selling out within seconds in two flash sales consecutively. For tracking Nokia Android Phones sales performance you can bookmark our Sales report page.

Now, in a candid admission, HMD CMO Pekka Rantala has revealed that HMD has already sold millions of Nokia Android smartphones. This was confirmed in an interview with Nokioteca, video (around 8:40) of which you can check below.

This is very encouraging news for a startup like HMD. Pekka also confirms tens of millions of sales number for Nokia feature phones. HMD faced big stock-outs and delays in launching Nokia 3, 5 and 6 in many major markets like India and UK. But the reviews of new Nokia Android Phones have been mostly positive and HMD has been very prompt with software updates.

Thanks Nokioteca Staff for the tip. Cheers!!


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  • Willie Whitley

    I haven’t tried nokia android phone yet. I might buy of this because when i was young i used old nokia phones. It’s awesome that nokia is switching to android OS.

  • Nguyen Manh

    The only thing that bugs me for now is the fact they’ve chosen dual cam setup instead of a single cam with big sensor for Nokia 8 and the lack of AMOLED display (Samsung Galaxy S8 has just recently beaten 808 screen contrast ratio, after 5 years). Otherwise things are going well for HMD, hopefuly they will speed up phones production and get more investment from Nokia.

  • johala02

    I think the strategy to put out Nokia 3, 5 and 6 first was a good strategy. HMD Global as a start up company had not the resources to compete with Samsung, Apple or Sony in the flagship space.
    The problem that probably pushed out Nummela was the slow roll out of the devices that made customers and distribution partners angry.

    We saw some innovations in Nokia 8. But I think it will be the next Nokia 9 who will realy stand out in features and so on.

  • DBS

    More interesting to me isn’t the use of vague expressions like “millions of phones”. More interesting is him actually accidentally confirming that Arto Nummela stepped down as CEO because of a disagreement with the Board of Directors at HMD.

    In other words, Nokia kicked him out. Why? Well…we can only speculate.
    But if I had to guess, I’d say they probably agree with me and aren’t pleased with the strategy and the products that HMD is putting out with Nokia’s name either. This flooding of the market with cheap devices with cheap technology and without any real innovation isn’t worthy of the Nokia branding, no matter how great the build quality is. Nokia stands for more than build quality. That strategy alongside a crappy operating system is what led to the demise of Nokia’s D&S division.
    HMD is doing exactly the same mistakes. And stock Android, while not as bad as Windows Phone obviously – at least it has apps – isn’t much better functionality-wise. And it certainly doesn’t allow the Nokia phones to differentiate themselves from the rest with innovation.
    Which is why I’m very eager to see who the next CEO will be.
    If we see a correction of course at HMD with the end of this propagation of different low end devices and flagships which aren’t flagships at all, I’d say my assumptions were right. If not, then the mystery spreads…

    • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

      My take is that he was kicked out due to delivery delays. It seems that some channel partners were pissed as a result of non-availablity.
      I dont think Nokia can expect HMD to innovate. HMD do not have the resources. It should be in fact Nokia, if they wand innovative devices, should feed HMD with innovations relevant to mobile devices. I doubt Nokia doing any research in that space. There could be something related to health tech, but that business has been awfully quiet except the rebranding. Has there been any actual non-Withings devices yet?

      • Kamal

        Nokia is already pushing its innovations to phones. For example: Ozo Audio and all the phone designs have inputs from Nokia’s central design team. You can expect more innovations in due course, One must keep in mind these are the very first gen phones and these are already impressive,

        • DBS

          “these are already impressive.”

          No, they really aren’t. The only thing “impressive” about the phones is the build quality but then again, even that isn’t that “Wow”. It’s simply normal Nokia. Everything else on the phones is downright disappointing.

          • @davidbaptistasilva:disqus

            Agree, we still need to see what HMD can offer. So far, we don´t see any flavour of old Nokia.

            I hope, next year we will see some changes on the UI and UX if it is possible. Stock is okay, but if you want to oppose competition, you have to offer some software changes, like others do.

            But the biggest problem in my opinion is the marketing, I dont see many videos of these new nokia. Hell, before with windows, we even had videos how to put sim card in the phone.

      • DBS

        I don’t think the delays were enough. Maybe because HMD isn’t manufacturing the phones and they could always blame Foxconn. And IF the phones are indeed selling that well, delays would be expected (I don’t believe they are. I think HMD preferred to order small batches to avoid overproduction but that’s not a bad business decision).

        Nokia isn’t expecting HMD to innovate. They’re expecting HMD to make use of the huge Nokia patent portfolio. Which HMD isn’t doing. Just look at the sh*t-ton of stuff the Nokia 8 lacks. None of the Nokia camera technology is being used there, the display technology being used was that of the lower end devices (namely the artist-formerly-known-as-ClearBlack) which were the only ones still being released with crappy LCD screens. Heck, the Nokia 8 even lacks a bloody camera button, something no Nokia imaging flagship has lacked since before the iPhone.
        And then when you use the software, because it’s stock Android, it lags behind all the competition. Stock Android is the most incomplete version of Android available and consumers don’t like it – as seen by the failure of the Nexus line, the Google Motorolas and the iPixels. Not to mention that stock Android doesn’t allow for anything innovative. If you want to do it, you have to pick stock Android and build on top of it.
        That’s what Sony did with the theme engine for Android. That’s what Samsung did with multitasking (the split screen on a Galaxy is far superior do the one on stock Android…’cause Google can’t even copy things right). That’s what HTC did with sound. Etc etc.

    • Deep Shekhar

      Yeah! you’re right!!
      i also tweeted this fact of differentiating Nokia phones from the crowd to Mr. Juho Savikas(CTO,HMD Global) and *i think you should tweet this to him too* . We all consumers can make a change by appreciating as well as criticizing the good and bad work respectively .I think Nokia should take feedbacks from consumers and fans in a portal and respond to it and add their own innovations which the consumers can’t think of the same way Microsoft takes in for their Windows 10 Desktop OS as Insiders Program.