Lumia CyanSometimes “enough is just enough”!! Microsoft has many blogs including its official “Windows Blog” and “Conversations blog” to its disposal and it may hardly take a small blog post to clear the air about lots of doubts and confusions that spread.

Lumia Cyan for devices running developers preview is a classical case!! Initially many of you with devices running “developer preview” got the update OTA and then “Conversations Blog” came up with the “downgrade suggestion”, which to us looked like lots of hassles. Then again Joe Belfore confirmed that all devices running dev preview will ultimately get “OEM Firmwares”, and still as may of our users are reporting they are not able to get Lumia Cyan OTA for their dev preview devices.

It all could have been clarified with a small Blog post on either of “Windows” or “Conversations” blog. MS Guys, you can still let everyone know what is the status of things on Lumia Cyan for dev preview devices and also the errors people faced while updating to Windows Phone 8.1 update 1.

Frankly, I don’t understand reluctance of Microsoft team in using their official blogs. Recently Cortana team went ahead with one unofficial blog to have a Q&A session and intimation of their future plans. This is obviously not a great move and it could have been really beautiful if they had opted “Conversations” for this rather than handing over benefits to one particular blog ( whatever may be the reason behind it). This could have resulted in much better coverage of what they wanted to convey.