Messaging + Skype, the integrated Messaging and Skype universal app on Windows 10 Mobile has been a major highlighted feature by Microsoft. When Microsoft removed the Facebook Chat integration from Messaging it always seemed logical to integrate Skype with Messaging bringing a win-win situation for Microsoft and Windows Phone users. But as it usually happens, it is easy to visualize stuff, but hard to implement. Having used Messaging + Skype for a few days now on Build 10586.107, it seems there is lots to fix and Microsoft needs to do it as soon as possible. Here are some major issues that we faced while using Messaging + Skype on Build 10586.107.

  • Whenever you open the Skype Video app you may have a 50% chance of being welcomed by this error code: 0x800706BA. “Skype is currently unavailable, please try again later”. And it is a persistent issue.
  • You will appear as offline to others. May be it is connected to the above issue, but it is ridiculous. Even if the app is open in background you may appear offline.
  • Messages take lots of time to appear after being sent. This may again be related to the above issues, but messages are not delivered instantly even if you are in good network zone.
  • Unreliability in how calls, missed calls are handled with the Skype + Messaging app. It certainly needs improvement.

There is a burning need for Microsoft to fix this app asap,  as it is one of the most important and useful apps on Windows 10 Mobile. It is messaging + Skype + video / audio calling, so in essence ruins experience of three major apps.