Skype messaging landscape

Microsoft has been talking about integrating Windows Phone messaging app with Skype for quite a while now. Finally today Microsoft updated their Messaging app for Windows 10 Mobile. With this latest update Messaging app now integrates both SMS and Skype messaging and also integrates Skype Video to Phone app. So users can now easily switch between messaging or Skype Messages by tap of a button. The integrated Skype Messaging Beta has been available for a while but this update brings a newer and better version.

Messaging skype

What’s new in this latest update from Beta:

  • ¬†Change in Interface, when you switch to landscape mode.
  • Text field now expands for long messages
  • New SMS search option.

Microsoft also updated the Skype Video preview app by changing its name to Skype Video. However both apps are not yet stable, software giant will frequently update the apps to improve their performance.

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