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#Lumia1020 comes out on top with great details & sharpness in first daylight imaging shootout!!


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So, Lumia 1020 goes against its competition in the first ever shootout. This shootout has been done in daylight so there is no chance of judging the low-light performance, but Lumia 1020 has to be the ultimate camera to beat in any lighting conditions, right?.

Laptop magazine has pitted Lumia 1020 against iPhone 5, SGS4, HTC One. And Lumia 1020 comes on top with accurate colors in most of the cases and amazing amount of details in broad daylight :P.

In the above image, Lumia 1020 is on extreme left-top and clockwise you will have SGS4, iPhone 5 and HTC One. The reviewer has this to say about amount of details it captures,

What a difference 38 megapixels make. Lisa’s beauty mark was clearly visible as was her dimple. The details of the brick building behind her were nice and sharp.

There are two more comparison sets and in all of the sets Lumia 1020 captures outstanding amount of details.

Here is what reviewers conclude,

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 1020 looks like the new smartphone camera to beat. No, the $299 price isn’t cheap, but this handset’s 41-MP sensor gives shutterbugs incredibly sharp detail and beautiful color in a variety of situations. Like other phones cameras, the 1020 can fall prey to acclimating for exposure and unbalanced color accuracy. But that’s where the Pro Cam app comes in with its various manual controls. To us, the Nokia Lumia 1020 represents an imaging triumph that further narrows the gap between smartphones and dedicated cameras.


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