The Android app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is DescriPix Communicate in photo. This is completely new, totally innovative and has limitless potential uses.

DESCRIPIX allows you to add pinpoint annotations to your photos. Imagine how much easier that will make selling your car, doing a stock-take of a rented property, sending specs of a design or simply creating an annotates map of ypur nxt vacation destination.

DescriPix Communicate in photo Features:

• Link images together.
• Add internet links to your images
• Add text to your images
• Export to PDF.
• Send your project

Example of use
• of fixtures.
• User Manual
• audit
• Describe your work
• Describe your fault
• Describe your cars
• Describe your house
• Manufacturing instruction
• model railroading

If the application is primarily for professionals, it will find its place in everyday life.

Download it today. It is FREE!!!!!!

[appbox googleplay]