Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536.1004 is here and if you are in Insider Fast ring you will be able to install the update. But before you tap on “check for updates”, you may need to go to Windows Insider app and reselect Insider Fast ring and then check for update. In case you are new to Windows 10 Mobile preview you need to follow our tutorial for becoming an Insider and updating to Windows 10 Mobile.

Click here to read what Build 10536.1004 brings officially and also have a look at known issue and bit tricky installation process before you make up your mind. Actually you update to Build 10536.1004 in two hops and you first update to Windows 10 Mobile Build 10514 and Build 10536.1000. After this your device will next download and install Build 10536.1004.

Installation experience:

The full update to Build 10536.1004 took around mind-boggling 3-4 hours on our Lumia 640 XL and it needs bit of patience for sure. It may seem stuck at times but it keeps on downloading slowly and if you force close the settings and recheck it may show you some progress but it is damn slow. The first stage of  update to Windows 10 Mobile Build 10514 and Build 10536.1000 is relatively more time consuming.

We tried to roll-back to Windows Phone 8.1 on Lumia 540 from Build 10512 using WPRT and update directly to Build 10536.1004 and it took around One hour & 40 min for us. But in the process, you loose all your settings and apps. So, you can decide for yourself.

Check whether you have up to 1 GB free on your device and your device should have battery charge of more than 40% for update to take place.

Build 10536.1004 & apps updates screenshots gallery:










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wp_ss_20150915_0013  wp_ss_20150915_0016