In our Weekly feature, we will do a roundup of the best new Windows 10 Mobile apps and games released in the the week gone by and will also mention major apps / games updates. In this particular edition, we compile all best new apps and games and major apps / games updates for the week June 13- 19. Click on the download links to read more about the app / game and for installing it on your devices.

Best Apps / Games of May 2016


UniShare Is Now UWP Universal Windows Platform App For Windows 10 Devices With Continuum

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrdpqh3]

Episode 6 Of Minecraft: Story Mode:

Episode 6 Of Minecraft: Story Mode Is Now Available on Windows 10 Store

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh69m35]

Official Facebook:

Official Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile available to download with help of a trick

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh6ct0l]


Universal app FXNOW available for all Windows 10 devices

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrdcz5d]

U.S. Postal Service:

U.S. Postal Service launches a UWP App for Windows 10.

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh4vfr1]


UWP app Expedia comes to Windows Store.

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh3tzgk]


Cargo-Bot, an addictive UWP game that teaches you programming concepts

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh4r05c]


Official Jabong Windows 10 UWP App Arrives In The Store

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrdk68z]


Major Apps / Games updates

UWP app Groove Music:

UWP app Groove Music for Windows 10 gets updated. Full Changelog. Read More.


Realarm UWP Universal Windows 10 App Updated With New Features. Read More.

Opera Mini:

Opera Mini Updated For Windows Phone Windows 10 Mobile With New Ad Block Functionality. Read More.

Farmville 2:

Farmville 2 Country Escape Game Updated For Windows with new Bing event. Read More.

Cloud Raiders:

Cloud Raiders UWP Game Updated With New Major Change. Read more.

Windows Store:

Windows Store updated with improvements and fixes. Read more.


Translator UWP app for #Windows 10 updated with Afrikaans language support. Read More.