Today we posted video and audio comparisons of 808 PureView with iPhone 4S and SGS III capturing Live performance. The same blog has posted comparison videos of 2012 tour of Bruce Springsteen recorded by Nokia 808 PureView, iPhone 4S, Samsung S3, HTC One S. The post also mentions that these videos are made at different time hence can be used only for Audio comparison.

These videos are recorded at the different places (but in the same 2012 tour of Bruce Springsteen) and so do not compare video, because distances and lightnings are different.  You must compare only recorded audio quality – is there any distortion and how well it record high and low sounds. If You like to see samples which are recorded in the same place and same time so here is 2 extra comparison.

Check the videos below,

808 PureView:

iPhone 4S:

Samsung Galaxy S3:

HTC One S: