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4th quarter in its release and the Lumia 520 still getting lots of love in India. It is still the top seller smartphone / phone across retailers, which matter. Be, it UniverCell or Flipkart or Snapdeal it amazingly continues to be top or one of the top-selling devices. It was hard to imagine that Lumia 520 will prevail for so long, when we have umpteen no. of new launches with big specs and low prices.






But we still feel, Nokia would be wise to bring Lumia 520 successor, which is turning out to be Lumia 525 soon to markets like India. Also, there is an urgent need of bringing a mid-ranger with improved specs than Lumia 720, preferably with 720p display and bigger screen in range of 5-inch.

Thanks Roger for the Tip. Cheers!!

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