HMD seems is planning to launch many new phones in China in near future. We have recently reported via a credible source about its plans to launch Nokia 6 2018 (TA-1054) and 4G Nokia 3310 in China in January. Now two new Nokia phone codes TA-1077 and TA-1062 have appeared in the database of a Chinese certification agency.

Three upcoming Nokia phones are contenders for an early launch in China. Apart from Nokia 6 2018 and Nokia 3310 4G version, Nokia 9 may also be the one to see a launch in China soon. A new leak originating in China revealed three Nokia 9 variants TA-1005, TA-1009 and the earlier certified TA-1042.

So, coming to the question of which upcoming phone these two codes TA-1077 and TA-1062 belong to, we may place our bets on 4G Nokia 3310 and possibly Nokia 6 2018. One of these must belong to the 4G Nokia 3310.

Both TA-1077 and TA-1062 are 4G LTE capable phones as per the certifications. Though Nokia 6 2018 has been leaked to have earlier certified TA-1054 as one of the codes it may exist in more than one version.

But one can’t rule out the possibility of an entirely new phone passing through certification in China. It may be the 2018 version of any other existing Nokia phone or something else altogether.