wordTry this  vocabulary app Wonder List  for Windows Phone. This is a vocabulary app that helps you to improve your vocabulary.  It contains  thousand words to memorize plus if you feel the list is less, feel free to add more.

If you are preparing for SAT or GRE or simply building your vocabulary, this is the app for you.

Updated Features:

Integrating Cortana with Word List, allows users to search for meaning , sentences and synonyms from cortana.

Displaying score card showing the overall progress of the person in quizzes so that the user can analyze the strengths and weakness graphically in the form of pie chart.
Ability to delete the overall progress.

Randomize word : A random word will appear with meaning , sentence and synonym
Advance search methods : Search a word its meaning ,sentence and synonym will appear
Improved UI
Alphabetic search engines
Increase in list of words with meaning and sentences that appear on live tiles

Better search algorithm, if the word is available in our list, its meaning and sentence will show up
Ablilty to favorite a word , consider a word that you find tough to memorize, all it in the favorite list and memorize it some other day
Take self assessments through quizes and monitor your progress as and when you like
Activate update tile that updates your tile each time with a new word
Improved UI

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