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Try this: AAA Medical Free app for Windows Phone

Try this, AAA Medical Free app for Windows Phone. The app is free and for use by medics anywhere in the World. This app is different from other apps as it is ‘Occasionally Connected’. The app uses a technique called 'State Machine replication in distributed computing' - We don't just

Try this, “Copy Space” UWP app for Windows 10

Try this, "Copy Space" app for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile.This is an app that extends your clipboard management. Add in text, links, image, and documents to conveniently copy and paste whenever you need it. Other tools to help manage your content include tagging copies, keeping a history

Try this : “FeedLab” UWP app for Windows 10

Try this,  FeedLab app for Windows 10 ( by ClevLab), the ideal application for getting the latest news from your favorite websites via the Feedly service. Initially released on WP8.1 in July 2015, the app is now to design the Windows 10 version, in order to provide the best user experience,

Try this app : Thirty for the Windows Phone

Try this , "Thirty" app for the Windows Phone. Thirty, is a social network that inspires people to challenge themselves to try something new for 30 days . This app is inspired by the Matt Cutts' famous TedTalk "Try something new for 30 days"( Thirty manifesto: Movement: There is movement in all we

Try this: “App Discovery” app for Windows Phone

 Try this: "App Discovery" app for Windows Phone. With  the help of this app you find interesting applications more easily and share them with friends. App Discovery Details: What are the benefits for all to use App Discovery? - Application independent, not related with Microsoft, Nokia and other manufacturers - Compatible with any brand of terminal -