app Try this: “App Discovery” app for Windows Phone. With  the help of this app you find interesting applications more easily and share them with friends.

App Discovery Details:

What are the benefits for all to use App Discovery?

– Application independent, not related with Microsoft, Nokia and other manufacturers
– Compatible with any brand of terminal
– Have their own lists of applications
– Login with a Facebook account
– Ability to share on Facebook
– Many categories up to date including the search for the app
– Get in touch with the developers

And for developers?

– Once you have made ​​the request for recognition of your app you can enter for each of them links to the page on facebook, twitter and web page so as to be immediately retrieved by users
– Transparency in the methods of viewing app .
– Ability to view the number of clicks that users make (It may be interesting to know if many users view the application but not downloading in order to solve the problem)

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