Try this,  FeedLab app for Windows 10 ( by ClevLab), the ideal application for getting the latest news from your favorite websites via the Feedly service.

Initially released on WP8.1 in July 2015, the app is now to design the Windows 10 version, in order to provide the best user experience, as well as on the phone, continuum, tablet, computer and soon even on Xbox One.

FeedLab app Features:

· New design: a complete overhaul of the design in order to fit Windows 10, incorporating many animations to boost the interface

· Faster: the home page has been redesigned with the addition of a new template that displays your 20 most important articles at that moment (which allows the application to start up 3 times faster)

· More customisable: settings have been enriched and reorganized to allow the user to configure FeedLab according to their usage, including the choice of home page, theme and article display, etc.

· More integrated: several FeedLab commands have been added to Cortana: « FeedLab, show me the latest articles » ; « FeedLab open the category “News” » ; « FeedLab, look for a sports website »

· More professional: management of the Continuum mode on Windows 10 Mobile

· More adaptable: the sync menu allows you to set the refresh time of your articles, as well as the cache size for viewing articles in offline mode

· More practical: in offline mode, your marking actions on articles are saved and will be synchronized as soon as you reconnect to the Internet

· Smoother: the article page has been completely redesigned with better performance and smoothness, and now includes a slide show for viewing the pictures / images  an article

· More Innovative: mark automatically yours articles as read when you scroll the list (via an option on the settings) and the possibility to listen your articles (via the Text to Speech feature)

· Smarter: keyboard shortcuts have also been added for PC users

Thanks the Developer for this tip!!!

You can download the app from the given link below.

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrdkrq3]