The Windows phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Pokémon Typedex. With the app you get a quick overview of all Pokémon types and the matchups. So you can instantly choose the right Pokémon type and don’t get punched down by a Metapod anymore.

Pokémon Typedex description:

Who hasn’t experienced the following? You walk around in the city and suddenly you are being attacked by a Pokémon. A wild Metapod. Oh no! Dashed by the shock of the attack you just forgot which type of Pokémon is very effective against a bug type Pokémon.

You choose a grass type Pokémon and wake up, covered with bruises, in front of a Pokémon-Center. If you only had a Typedex in your pocket. You had known that a fire type Pokémon would be the much better choice.

Download today!!! It is FREE!!

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrd1xkj#]