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Try this: “Allrecipes” app for Windows Phone.

For those who loves cooking , try this  "Allrecipes" app for Windows Phone. Allrecipes includes more than 50,000 recipes. You can search recipes by ingredient, dish type, and dietary preferences.  This recipes also include reviews, photos,...

Try this : “VoiceTranslator” app for Windows Phone.

Try this : "VoiceTranslator" app for Windows Phone. This is Online  translator with voice recognition and TTS capabilities. Its  supports many languages and requires network access. Best part of this app is that it is free!!!! Features: v 2.0: updated...

Try this: “Smart Calculators” for windows phone.

Smart Calculators is an interesting app for windows phone. By using Smart Calculators you can use three calculators at the same time and  calculate numeric figures and  then save it. Features: 1.  SAVE CALCULATION 2.  ACCESS CALCULATION 3.  MULTIPLE...

Try this app: “PhotoMath” for Windows Phone.

For all Math Lovers!! Try PhotoMath app on your phone and do calculus or solve equations. We can get the solution very easily using this app, which uses camera of your smartphone to solve complex math problems....

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